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13 Nov 19

It took several attempts by our kickass props/FX wizard, Matt, but he finally got that soup – which he and his wife actually made from scratch – to drop precisely the way it did in the movie. And thanks for being our guinea pig, PA Paul (shown at right in our parking lot and pre-light…


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Closed Set

22 Feb 19

Someone needs to tell Yogi.


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Them Apples

20 Feb 19

Actually, Matt, I don’t think Rick Grimes likes ’em at all…


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Closed Set Violator

29 Aug 18

There’s always one lookie loo. Especially when it comes to this show…


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Sam Won!

17 Aug 18

Star of our History/Alone/Dish spot, Sam Larson, was an even bigger star last night when he won Season 5 of the show! Holy heck! Not sure how he kept such a huge secret from us when we shot in Vancouver this Spring, but double congrats to him and his family on this huge, incredible  accomplishment! If…


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The Only Way to Comic-Con

22 Jul 18

Bye bye, traffic.


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The More Things Change…

24 Jun 18

Dulé Hill might be digging into his newer USA role, but he still likes a fresh plate of quality digestive enzymes. And sharing a wink with his longtime Psych fans.  


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23 May 18

OMG. This foal is only nine days old.


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06 May 18

Don’t rat us out for parking close to set. It was a weekend and pretty sure Ms. Bernstein was in LA. And remember: Snitches Get Stiches.


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Holidays In New York

14 Dec 17

Nothing quite like NYC when the holidays arrive. Especially when you’re there for working on a great project and the first real snow of the season drifts in to greet you.


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Night Moves

28 Jul 17

Few locations define auto spots in LA more that the iconic 2nd Street Tunnel.   Last night we chased a Toyota Tundra through it a few times for our friends at Discovery. Look for the spot to hit the air in September right around the return of their riveting unscripted show, Yukon Men.


On Set

Just Super

06 Feb 17

Sure, there are career bucket list items to check off… and then there’s doing a Superbowl spot for AMC’s The Walking Dead. 


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Thank You

11 Nov 16

Want to feel some America?  Head down to Killeen, TX for their Veteran’s Day Parade.


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At Bacon & Sons

15 Sep 16

There’s no hat we won’t wear to get the job done.


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15 Jul 16

We heart Portland.  Running around this fun, funky town on a multi-day documentary project we got to see, hear and taste much of what it has to offer.  So much to love.  Great crew and people, too!


On Set

Head Of The Class

12 May 16

Though initially famous for starring a very different (and far superior) sitcom, actor/director/singer/pro race car driver/scratch golfer/host/consummate professional Alfonso Ribeiro is a class of his own.


On Set

Hot Walker Action

24 Aug 15

As if working with the show itself wasn’t reward enough, we’re proud of how this project turned out.  Collaborating with everyone at AMC and The Walking Dead to make it happen was, once again, an inspired experience.  You put the “hot” in this Hot Spot.


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Peanut Butter Fudge Promax Love

10 Jun 15

Nice to get some recognition during the big shindig down at LA Live #promaxbda15. Thanks again to our pals at History and Sonic for a great collaboration, teamwork and tater tots. Link: http://brief.promaxbda.org/content/historys-texas-rising-and-sonic-partner


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Next Level Collaboration

19 May 15

Teamwork.  We gots it.


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Sorry, Ma’am

07 May 15

But this is a closed set.


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Lego My Producer

08 Mar 15


On Set

The Pursuit of Happiness

19 Dec 14

Going off-road with Pursuit System’s Buggy is one hell of a way to finish the year.  Hell, Dan looks so badass back there, he’s signing autographs…


On Set

Best of…

19 Dec 14

Receiving a Vimeo Staff Pick – among other accolades – was swell, but making Nylon’s best 2014 might be the year’s real highlight for David’s Priory video.  Thanks, Nylon!


On Set

“Weekend” Love

16 Sep 14

David Vincent Wolf’s video for the Priory single “Weekend” has already gotten some love from Time Magazine and Entertainment Tonight, but today Yahoo! Music joined in when they decided take every rollerskating video they could find for a spin and rank them. 


On Set

Fit For A King

08 Aug 14


On Set

The Reason for No Seasons

08 Apr 14

We’ve posted a bit about weather we’ve encountered when shooting in other parts of the country.  Challenges are fun and we always find a way to make it work — you know, except for that time with Superstorm Sandy… That said, there are   many reasons  film, television and commercial work is centered in Los…


On Set

Set Crashers

15 Mar 14

You never know who’ll either try to get on camera or at least score some free craft service when you’re on-location.  Least expected might be a few dozen banana slugs.  


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Helmets Optional

03 Nov 13

Fun times shooting this cool  Jeep spot for A+E Networks’ BONNIE & CLYDE mini event.  Rob dug us shooting the bank exteriors at his old stomping grounds (the Los Angeles Times) while Dan and the camera gang got their kicks riding on the back of the EXO Camera Cart.  No FastPass™ required.


On Set

A Brief Riff

19 Aug 13

Our work made another appearance in the PromaxBDA Brief.  We love how this IFC/VW spot featuring the incomparable talents of Reggie Watts turned out…. and – aw shucks – isn’t  nice when other folks notice?  


On Set

What’s In The Bag?

25 May 13

When shooting down in the LA River, it might be advisable to not ask too many questions. And perhaps, even more importantly, if you see a bloated, black garbage bag floating downstream, let it pass on by. Some mysteries are likely best unsolved.


On Set

Whether Report

06 May 13

…As in whether we’d see the Miami Skyline when shoot day arrived. Fortunately, as with our trip to Philadelphia this year, Miami toyed with us, weather-wise, before gifting us the kind of temperate May afternoon that makes one think Southern Florida isn’t all that hot or sticky. The perfect day for a nice cone of…


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Snow? What snow?

09 Apr 13

Before and after! The first shot was during our tech scout on a Friday, and the second is the final product shot 48 hours later on Sunday. Oh movie magic, how we love thee! We’ll post the finished product, a USA Character With a Cause spot for Subaru and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, soon. It…


On Set


20 Mar 13

We can’t show anything yet – it’ll be a while before USA starts using the footage – but we were very excited to work with the talented, very funny cast of Modern Family this week. A lot to fit in to a very short shoot (with a hyper-compressed prep), but it was great. Lord knows…


On Set


25 Feb 13

Well, it was a blast shooting the IFC/LasVegas.com campaign with funny guy, Michael Che, but who could’ve foreseen that Rattlecan – home of the rideable pickle and one of the four featured locations – would shutter its doors one week before air? Too bad only one of the spots made it to air, but here’s…


On Set

Undisclosed Recipient

17 Jan 13

One of the perks of our business is meeting people who’ve done remarkable things…like winning a Gold Medal at the London Olympics. One of the drawbacks is being unable to share details when said recipient is featured in a yet-to-be-announced television project. Give and take, folks… give and take. And yes, they are quite weighty…


On Set


13 Jan 13

It was nice getting a little Twitter love from Dulé Hill during our two-day shoot for the Psych Slumber Party event. Much fun was had with @dulehill, @maggielawson, @Omundson and…um… #jamesroday. This was our 7th shoot for @Psych_USA and a special treat in that we worked with all four of the leads together. #TheresFunnyInNumbers. Keep…


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Second Time’s A Charm

19 Nov 12

Much to be Thankful for this week, not least of which is having another opportunity to shoot this great spot for USA and the new Windows Phone. Our first pass, unfortunately, was postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. Our inconvenience can never compare to the devastation spread by the superstorm. We certainly won’t forget it and…


On Set


10 Aug 12

A Four-City Shoot in Five Days. That might sound a bit hectic, but other than a few storm-delayed flights, it was a whirlwind of good times. Especially when the travel is tied to the excellent cheffery found in the kitchens of Bravo’s Life After Top Chef stars Richard Blais, Jen Carroll, Spike Mendelsohn & Fabio…


On Set


24 Jun 12

Our second round of documentaries for Sundance Channel and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas had a special treat in store for us.  One of our interviewees, Chef José Andrés of restaurants Jaleo and China Poblano personally made our whole crew paella. Between that meal, the frozen treats at The Neapolitan and Comme Ça’s duck confit cinnamon roll,…


On Set

On Set with the Beardsmen of Whisker Wars

01 Jun 12

Funny, those guys. We went through a lot of hairspray, mustache wax and soda cans that day, trying to get the beardsmen ready for their close-ups. Shooting eight scripts, interviews and stills all in a day, this was a great bunch of gents to work with — so long as you keep them in separate…


On Set

Brief Magazine Features Top Chef Just Desserts Promos

02 Apr 12

The Fall 2011 issue of Promax/BDA’s BRIEF Magazine features a nice story on the Top Chef Just Desserts Season 2 launch directed by Dan Appel for client, Bravo. “When it comes to competitive culinary entertainment, no matter how famous the judges, how notorious the contestants or how outrageous the challenges, the show’s real stars are…


On Set


27 Jan 12

Thanks to USA for entrusting us with the refresh of their two-year-old franchise CHARACTER GALLERY.  And if you’re having lunch at 10:30 pm, it must be a night shoot! To see the first execution of the new franchise, check out the TRANSFORMERS: THE RIDE 3D spot we did for Universal Studios Hollywood.


On Set

A Breeze Blows In Brooklyn

04 Jan 12

A quick start to the work year with a tech scout in New York today. One of our favorite recurring gigs are the Character With A Cause spots for USA Network. This one tells the story of a mission-driven pharmacist, in part, on the Brooklyn Bridge. An excellent, if somewhat brisk, way to start 2012.