Party Flavors

23 Jul 18

AMC and Better Call Saul know how to treat party guests. After the Comic-Con BCS Season 4 premiere screening, they hosted a party with Abluquerque-inspired Southwestern delights and perfect homage to “Gene” with this endless stack of buns. Good times made great.



While We Can’t Show You…

17 May 18

What we saw at The Walking Dead set this week, we can recommend the down-home goodness of Katie Lou’s Cafe in neighboring Senioa, Georgia. 



Oh, The Places You’ll Go

05 Mar 18

This is what we call a good location scout find…




01 Feb 18

We could probably shoot here in Austin about once a month. Sincere apologies, as no photo could do this plate of Micklethwait Craft Meat magic justice. You sorta just have to go…



Another Kind of reward.

10 May 15

Unless you happen to be on one of the few remaining transcontinental flights still without wifi, there’s not much time away from work these days.  It takes a concerted effort, at times, to really break from deadlines, conference calls and the obligations required to keep your clients satisfied and your team motivated.  But you’ve got…



Run Don’t Walk

30 Apr 15

To Casa Rubia in Dallas.  This tapas inspired restaurant was an amusement park ride of delectable delights.  Each dish topped the one that came before it.  We ended up trying as many dishes as we possibly could.  Not one disappointed. And after a pretty great meal the night before at Smoke in Plano, we’re luck…



To The Victor Goes The Spoils

20 Mar 15

Or in this case, the crew… There’s no better way to cap off shooting a branded spot on a crabbing boat than to plop the crustaceans we shot right into boiling water and go to town.  Unless, of course, you add a cold IPA or two… Also, Half Moon Bay is heaven.



The Luminary

10 Aug 14

Friend of Bacon Eli Kirshtein’s long anticipated Atlanta restaurant The Luminary opened this month.  A couple of us got a sneak peek in July of the place, but this week we were able to eat a fantastic meal there. Long story short: Eat there.  You’ll thank us after.



Belly Up

03 Apr 14

Few things are are more enjoyable on a scout day than a well-planned meal break… and if you’re in Venice, CA on that scout, make sure that break has you refueling at Pork Belly’s Sandwich Shop on Abbott Kinney. Start with their signature sandwich The Belly Up or The Chop.  Be sure to get a side…




21 Dec 13

From our punch bowl to yours… Happy Holidays! Egg Nog 1 doz. egg yolks 1 lb. granulated sugar 1 qt. bourbon (part of this may be either rum or brandy) 1 qt. coffee cream 1 qt. whipping cream Put the dozen egg yolks in an electric mixer.  Feed in the granulated sugar very slowly so…



The Stuffed French Toast of Aberdeen

09 Dec 13

An early morning cellphone photo simply could not do justice to the breakfast beauty, but attention must be paid.  What we have here is  Mollie’s famous stuffed french toast, the morning magic awaiting guests who stay at Pine Gables of Aberdeen.  If you’re ever in town working on a project, like we were, or just…



Bacon-Wrapped Bananas

28 Jan 13

Our new most favorite client is Desiree Tobin at USA Network. Why is that? She sent us this delicious yet super simple bacon recipe! Want to be our next favorite client? You know what to do! For Desiree’s Bacon-Wrapped Banana appetizer you’ll need… 1lb. Bacon 1-2 Bananas** Parchment Paper Cookie Sheet Then you… -Preheat your…



Wild Boar Bacon?

11 Aug 12

But of course!


On Set


24 Jun 12

Our second round of documentaries for Sundance Channel and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas had a special treat in store for us.  One of our interviewees, Chef José Andrés of restaurants Jaleo and China Poblano personally made our whole crew paella. Between that meal, the frozen treats at The Neapolitan and Comme Ça’s duck confit cinnamon roll,…



Cookie Round #4

17 Apr 12

Round #4 of Dan’s effort to create the perfect bacon-chocolate chip cookie incorporated Benton’s Country Bacon, the welcome addition of Crisco and the slightly-less-so-welcome addition of an over-active smoke detector. And now we know his alarm is jacked directly into Fire Station 82. We did apologize for having wasted their time (with a tin full…



Milkshake the pig

13 Mar 12

This is Milkshake the pig. Milkshake is a nine-month-old pot belly that lives at Greensgrow Farms, an urban agricultural development in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia, and Milkshake liked Dan very, very much. Perhaps he was cozying up to Dan in hopes that he could change Dan’s mind about bacon. Sorry Milkshake.