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Brief Magazine Features Top Chef Just Desserts Promos

The Fall 2011 issue of Promax/BDA’s BRIEF Magazine features a nice story on the Top Chef Just Desserts Season 2 launch directed by Dan Appel for client, Bravo.

“When it comes to competitive culinary entertainment, no matter how famous the judges, how notorious the contestants or how outrageous the challenges, the show’s real stars are always the mouth-watering dishes.

Bravo took this to heart in the summer of 2011, when it made a “big” deal out of its season premiere for the sweet-toothed Top Chef spinoff series, Top Chef: Just Desserts (TCJD). While the season’s chef contestants taunt- ed the camera with over-the-top culinary machismo, the commercial’s real stars hovered alongside them, strong and silent: an array of giant-sized layer cakes, tarts and other sweet treats that were nearly as big as the humans.”

Read the whole article HERE.

02 Apr 12
No 303