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Head Of The Class

Though initially famous for starring a very different (and far superior) sitcom, actor/director/singer/pro race car driver/scratch golfer/host/consummate professional Alfonso Ribeiro is a class of his own.

We spent two days with him this week working on a not-yet-to-be-disclosed project for the good people at Syfy and have to say Alfonso was an absolute treat.  Work in this business long enough and you encounter all manner of celebrity talent.  98% of whom are great, professional and make the day smooth and the work better.  1% are only talked about at hotel bars after a couple rounds when you’re sure no one from their management team is listening… but the other 1% you really want to crow about.

That last group are ones who bring tons of energy, enthusiasm and openness to a the process of the short form world in which we (mostly) live.  Alfonso is one of those.  Warm, friendly and a great sport who exudes gratitude to everyone around him.  He also nailed each take and gave us savvy performance and timing variations, knowing exactly how what we’d want and need in post.

Need a funny, smart pro’s-pro for your project?  Try Alfonso Ribeiro.  He won’t just make your shoot better, he’ll improve your outlook on the shoot you’ll do next, too.  Seriously.  He’s the best.

All that said, he did kind of ruin this photo by not wearing plaid.


12 May 16
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