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While the diminutive Better Call Saul Marathon was our first non-Zoom, “real” pandemic shoot, this was our first *full-scale* pandemic shoot, and boy was it a vastly different beast.

With a crew of 50, this endeavor – a campaign of four spots shot over two days, which originally booked in March – had to be completely re-structured for the pandemic era. Not only did we need to spread out the project by adding separate dress and pre-light days, but we had to work under COVID-safe protocols (developed by AICP) that we further enhanced by having all Red Zone crew – those present amongst unmasked talent – tested the day before arriving on set. We shot using a remote camera head; all grip and lighting gear was sanitized prior to entering the set; we scheduled “fresh air” breaks (in designated exterior areas) for all crew; three clients were present and another handful attended by Zoom; and we had more PPE than you could shake a stick at. (Want a disposable, full-body Tyvek suit? Sure, no problem.)

Was it as smooth as our pre-pandemic shoots of similar scope? Probably not. But we certainly managed to get four solid spots in can, on time, and most importantly, we did it safely.

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