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BCS (Social Distant) Marathon

This was Bacon’s first “real” project – however small – during the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as a first for most of our crew, including talent, Rhea Seahorn. [FUN FACT: Our last (pre-pandemic) shoot was a project we also shot with Bob & Rhea.]

When asked how we could shoot something like this safely, preferably at Bob’s office, I immediately honed in on the back stairs – 6′ wide – and the dining table – 6′ long – already there on site. It just felt like the right way for these two friends to have a thoughtful, socially-distant conversation that was not on fucking Zoom.

It was odd coming back to set and not being able to hug our crew family – including Rhea, who we hadn’t seen since we were honored with an Emmy nomination for our Ethics Training series – but we all new just how important it was to get this right. So we masked-up, distanced ourselves, sanitized our hands and gear, and took the necessary time and precautions to do things safely.

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